Financing & Warranties

When it comes to financing the purchase of your vehicle, Cauley Performance Automotive offers a variety of choices. We work closely with banks and credit unions to get you the best possible rate and term possible. Each financial institution offers different programs so we will go to work for you and find the best match.

Cauley Performance Automotive offers GAP Care Advantage and Repair Advantage Extended Warranties and Car Care. All of these services are fantastic products to ensure a level of protection and give you peace of mind on your vehicle purchase.

GAP Care Advantage covers the borrower’s responsibility for the ”Gap” amount between the outstanding finance contract balance and the actual cash value of a totaled or stolen and never recovered vehicle. Typically, the amount you receive from your insurance company is the actual cash value or the market value of your vehicle. Sometimes, this amount is substantially less than your outstanding finance contract balance. If your vehicle is totaled due to damage or theft, the amount your primary insurance company pays may not cover everything you owe on it. That’s why we offer GAP Care Advantage. GAP Care will : 1) Waive most or all of a remaining net principal balance including a deductible up to $1000(where available). 2) Help prevent potentially crippling financial obligations. 3) Offer a 60-day free look at coverage. By purchasing GAP Care Advantage, you can help protect your finances and credit.

Repair Advantage is a great extended service contract that can be purchased on almost any vehicle on in our inventory. Our line of extended service contracts (Max, Powertrain, Powertrain Plus and Select) offers comprehensive mechanical repair coverage based on a variety of time, mileage and deductible options. Repair Advantage protects you against unexpected repair costs by covering specified costly parts and labor expenses. These wide ranges of mechanical protections are both affordable and tailored to your specific driving needs. You’re covered wherever you travel across the country.

Repair Advantage Car Care is scheduled maintenance coverage that helps to keep your vehicle in top condition and likely extend the life of your vehicle. Car Care provides you specific maintenance services consisting of oil and oil filter replacement, chassis lubrication, fluid top-off for 5 critical components, and at every other service interval, tire rotation plus our Car Care 15 point inspection. Car Care can be purchased in two service intervals: 3months/3000 miles or 6 months/6000 miles. Also time and mileage terms can be chosen: 12 or 24 or 36 or 48 months. No deductible applies to Car Care services.

Work closely with one of our sales people to find the perfect Repair Advantage warranty that fits your needs

*GAP Care and Repair Advantage contracts are insured and underwritten by MIC Property & Casualty Insurance Corporation, a member of the GMAC Insurance group. Repair Advantage is a service mark of GMAC.

*Car Care is a service mark of Ally Financial.